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TV can't switch to Roku connected to tv

So I've been slowly getting a issue that's happening worse and worse ever since the last major update happened, I believe version 15?

The issue, is sometimes when I try to wake up the Roku, usually after using my PS5 (especially this), or waking it from sleep with my TV off - my tv cannot get the display to kick on.

Like my tv flickers trying to display the Roku screen, but it can't. It acts as if the Roku is not on or the display is not connected. So i'm stuck with a blank HDMI 1 screen, which the Roku is on HDMI 1.

The Roku is on though, light is on, can see the remote and led light reacting to every button press. I then have to turn off my tv and wait 15 mins for me to reattempt it again.

Anyone seeing this issue or know a solution? I've done system resets, restarts, power cycles, checked for updates. Nothing works.

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Re: TV can't switch to Roku connected to tv


Your problem may have been caused by this, depending on your Roku model:

Roku operating system version 10.5 added added a new "Power" item in the "Settings > System" menu for some of the newer Roku devices.  At this writing they are currently Ultra LT/Ultra (4801/4800), Express 4K/4K+ (3940/3941), and Streaming Stick 4K/4K+ (3820/3821). The new "Auto power savings" item there will put your Roku device into a low power standby condition after a period of inactivity, such as when your tv has been turned off for a while.

Pressing a Roku control key (like HOME) on your Roku remote (not Power, Volume, or Mute, if you have them, which act on the TV not the Roku) should bring the Roku out of standby and back to full operation. Pulling the power for a few seconds to restart the Roku will restore full operation as well.

The power savings are very small and for the hassle it causes, I don't think it's worth having this feature activated.  If you disable any options under "Settings > System > Power > Auto power savings"  it should prevent your Roku from going into standby in the first place.

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