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Reel Rookie


I'm not sure how posting here does anything! Roku has been updating Roku time and again. They redesign it; like any product of its kind on the market always is, of course.  With every latest version out or software update, I, like others; keep hoping that along with all the big changes that one thing packed in there will be the ability to either upload one's own THEMES and thus be able to truly personalize the home screen or at the very least, just offer a higher quality selection. Right now my Roku says I have 86 but man. Come on. These graphics. Yikes. And even if I actually had the same tastes as the person(s) as those who chose the 86...I have had these 86 for a few years now. Let's say I actually DID like all 86 of these...I don't...but let's say I did. I'm bored with the ones I did like...you know?? I want NEW ones now!! If I could upload my own...that would be awesome...fun too, lol!!!  .... And I just got a new Roku tv this weekend. So it has 2 themes on it's menu...a Garfield theme and a really cute puppy theme. I went to my Roku app on my phone to the Channel store...they don't show there. I wanted to try to add them to my "living room" Roku tv that doesn't have them. On the Roku app...the menu in the Channel store for each tv doesn't even sync up correctly.  It's telling me to add themes I already have....I don't get it at all.   ...Anyway. I'm one more person who owns Roku tvs or tvs and adds the Roku streaming sticks and LOVES them. My only WISH is that we could personalize the themes in this way. Honestly...if we had to pay a one time fee to do it...like if Roku made this an add on app and it cost a one time, MINIMAL fee...I would ABSOLUTELY  do it. 

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