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Synchronize Multiple TVs in Guest Mode?

Is there a way to synchronize the Roku TV's throughout the house so that when one is logged into an app (i.e. Netflix), all are logged in?

We use Roku in Guest Mode at a rental with 7 TV's throughout the house. This would be helpful for renter to log in to a single TV and have all ready to stream.


Re: Synchronize Multiple TVs in Guest Mode?

I agree, This would be a great Feature!  I have used roku's at rentals, and I have them in my 2 rentals.  The biggest frustration is having to login multiple times to each service.  This and ability to leave some apps logged in as owner would be great.  I love rental mode otherwise

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Re: Synchronize Multiple TVs in Guest Mode?

I want this feature as well. I have an STR with 7 Rokus and it takes too much time to individually perform actions such as reset guest mode. I can't imagine how annoying it is for my guests to have to log in to each Roku. Although, it would need to be an option to log into all or just the one. I have seen my guests have multiple accounts logged in In the same theme, I want to be able to be able to centrally manage all of my Rokus.

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Re: Synchronize Multiple TVs in Guest Mode?

At this time Roku has not offered any method to build a default Guest Mode configuration. It has been requested numerous times, but since Roku never announces what is under development until it's actually released, we have no idea if it's even being considered. 


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