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Stuck on launch Roku screen

Plugged in Roku Express after a few weeks without use and it won't move beyond the start up 'dancing Roku' logo. 

I've tried a reset on the back of the box, and I've tried the remote restart, neither is fixing the issue. 

It cannot be an issue with power source as it's plugged into the mains.. does anyone have a solution to this problem? 

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Re: Stuck on launch Roku screen

Try another USB power adapter from a phone or tablet and if you're using a surge protector of any kind try taking it out of the equation.  Beyond that, a factory reset may be in order.  Locate the reset pinhole and with the power connected use a paperclip or something similar to press and hold the button for no less than 30 seconds.

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Re: Stuck on launch Roku screen

I tried the reset button but can't remember if it was powered on at that time. I will try that now and if it works I can't thank you enough. Because I also had that problem today, and it's a brand new roku that hasn't been used after setting up about a month ago.. In the guest room. Went to turn it on and it didn't work

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