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Stuck in Recovery mode, the old tricks not working

My tv is stuck in recovery mode. after contacting support i can now do nothing so frustrating. Can someone tell me how to get out of recovery mode? I have unplugged and reset (it will not blink). even brought a USB drive to download the software after calling support I cannot do that now. Please help, my tv is under 5 years old.

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Community Moderator

Re: Stuck in Recovery mode, the old tricks not working

Hi @MsRoz,

A warm welcome here in the Roku Community!

We're glad to assist you with your problem with your TV being stuck in recovery mode. We'd like to know more about the issue that you ran into. What Roku TV are you using right now? (Hisense Roku TV, TCL Roku TV, etc.) What were the steps you took to reproduce the issue? With more details, we'll be able to assist you further. In the meantime, please be advised that recovery mode is a feature supported on some models that allows you to clear all data and software from your TV and reinstall the operating system. When your Roku TV system is in Recovery Mode, you have the option to reinstall the operating system from Roku servers over the internet or from a USB flash drive if your TV is not connected to the internet. Be aware that Recovery Mode is the most invasive reset method and should only be attempted when all other methods fail. You can check out this link here on how to use Recovery Mode on your Roku TV system. Your TV will download and install the software before restarting. This may take a few moments, after which time you may be asked to perform the guided setup and activation processes depending on the state of your TV prior to using Recovery Mode. If, in any case, your TV continues to be unresponsive after using Recovery Mode, we suggest you contact the manufacturer of your TV for help.

If there's anything we can further assist you with aside from this, please let us know.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
Roku Community Moderator
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