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Stream Roku media from Android 10 to Chromecast

I spend less time watching TV than tinkering and trying to make Roku media cast at 5 GHz from Android 10 to my Chromecast dongle. One hour video displays on my tablet but not on my TV. Another hour video displays a black screen on my TV but the audio plays. Another hour it displays and plays audio on my TV, but 3/4 of the way through streaming the TV show, the audio goes silent on my TV AND my tablet. Much of the time, the stream plays on my tablet but won't play or display a bit or a byte on my TV.

I've used the Chromecast troubleshooting and the Android 10 checklist for casting. No joy, but the Roku sample videos play perfectly. Obvious solution: buy a Roku Express 3930. But sometimes Roku media, the Chromecast dongle, and Android 10 do play nice together. They have good hours (not days) and bad hours.

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