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Reel Rookie

Soundbar not working

Came back from vacation and my Roku Sound Bar is not turning on. I tried unplugging for 5-10 minutes, that didn't do anything, I even plugged it into a different outlet and I still don't have a working soundbar. Prior to vacation it worked perfectly, I have no idea what is happening.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Soundbar not working

The roku soundbar doesn't have a power command of its own, the power button on the soundbar remote is tv power button. And I have two roku soundbars that stop controlling the tv with its power button.  So what is it? Is it just that the power key isn't controlling the tv and so not turning it on?  Or using separate remote to turn on the tv and switch to the input the soundbar is connected to you are not seeing a signal at all from the soundbar? 

If its just the tv button no longer working, first refresh the cec devices in the tv menu. Then go to the soundbar home screen, 

settings> remote & devices> remote> remote in use> program tv> program tv power key> follow prompts

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Reel Rookie

Re: Soundbar not working

So, we have lived in this house for three years and I am still learning the little quirks of the power outlet system. We had my wife's cousin house/dog sitting for us while we were away and she must've started flipping switches and turned one off that controls power to that outlet. We are back up and working again. Thank for trying to help.