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Roku Guru

Sexual Misconduct reappearing on Roku home screen for The Roku Channel (?!?!)

I keep getting on my Roku home screen an advertisement that The Roku Channel is now streaming CBS original Bull starring Michael Weatherly (and the ad includes a large picture of Michael Weatherly).

To someone that is out of touch with events, this might seem completely innocent.  It is just more content for people to watch and those that don't want to watch it just don't have to watch it.

For those that *ARE* aware of the history of Michael Weatherly and his conduct on the set of Bull, this is revolting.  For it to appear over and over on the home screen like this is in your face disgusting!

For those that aren't aware, it isn't hard to get up to speed, simply google "Michael Weatherly sexual misconduct" and then choose whatever news source you trust the most.  Most of the articles should include that CBS paid $9.5 million to settle the case rather than let it reach it's logical conclusion in court.  Some articles go into more detail just how disgusting Michael Weatherly's behavior was than others.  Some articles point out that on the set of NCIS he was respectful (which doesn't excuse his behavior on the set of Bull).  At no point do I see the total sum of information working in favor of Michael Weatherly face being something to shove in my face as being a good thing.

So how do I resolve this?  If I highlight the advertisement in Roku OS version 10 and then press * to get my options, Roku simply responds with a "Doink" noise.  There is no option to Opt-Out on showing this again.

So what solution am I expect at this point?

Am I demanding Bull be removed from The Roku Channel?

My answer to that is it would be nice if Roku care enough about their brand to completely distance themselves from Bull.  But that is not what I am demanding.

In the long term, I would like it so I only ever see Roku's pro-Sexual Misconduct ads only once and then provide me a method to easily opt-out on ever seeing them again.

So if Roku in their poor taste put the several movies of Kevin Spacey on The Roku Channel and run an ad with a large picture of Kevin Spacey on the Roku Home screen, I want to be able to limit being exposed to that to only *once*.

If Roku in their poor taste decides to promote they have several movies done by The Weinstein Company on The Roku Channel and run an ad with a large picture of Harvey Weistein on the Roku Home screen, I again want to be able to limit being exposed to that only *once*.

But with Roku OS version 10 there is no opt-out.  So, for the short term rather than force this disgusting filth over and over again on Roku users via the Home scren, maybe just exclude them completely from the Home screen for now.

There has to be some middle ground that is better than how Roku is behaving today on this.

Channel Surfer

Re: Sexual Misconduct reappearing on Roku home screen for The Roku Channel (?!?!) NOT

If he was not convicted then isn't hearsay?

Is this an example of what they call Cancel Culture.

I don't know the guy but the minimum I expect is a conviction

What next, do we cancel all good movies created by a talented team of people just because they were funded through the disgusting and convicted Harvey Weinstein. 

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