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Reel Rookie

Set up for single computer image stretched across two displays?

I've seen one message on this topic, back in 2015, so perhaps things have changed.

For a theatrical project, I would like my computer to show an image that is spread across two projectors.  I.e. the left side of the image on one projector, and the right side on the other.  The projectors have HDMI input, though they are more than a few years old.  Their resolution is 1200x800.

I know someone who is selling two Roku Express + devices.  So, I was hoping to install them on the projectors, and connect via WiFi.  I imagine I would do a multiple-monitor setup on my computer.

Is it viable to do what I am proposing?


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Re: Set up for single computer image stretched across two displays?

No, I don't believe there's any way to split the screen across two displays with any Roku. If you connect two Roku players to two projectors, you're only going to get the single image from each Roku.

I believe that it could be done with a professional video scaler. We had such equipment in a conference room at work, where we could assign a single source to spread across multiple displays. I believe the term used was "video wall". But it can't be done solely with a Roku device itself. 

Now, spreading a Windows PC across multiple screens/projectors, that's no problem. I'm doing that right now teleworking, using my work laptop and spreading the display to a second monitor. Same with the computer I'm typing on right now. I have dual 1080p monitors, and the Windows desktop is spread across both displays. But you can't do it with a Roku player. 


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