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Reel Rookie

Search option has disappeared on main menu.

Until recently, if there was a movie/show that I would like to watch, I could use a search option on the main menu. It would then tell me which of my channels had the title I was looking for, if it was free or if there was a charge. Now that's gone! Any idea as to how to fix this?

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Roku Guru

Re: Search option has disappeared on main menu.

Search did not go anywhere. It’s still there. Are you in the US? If you have a voice remote you can just ask what it is. 



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Re: Search option has disappeared on main menu.

I've recently discovered the Search option no longer exists on the main menu. There isn't even an option to enable it. I don't know why it's not there. Search made it easy for me to find something to watch. Is there any chance that they will add it back to the menu. I know that I can go online to Search but that's silly. It makes no sense to turn on my computer and do a search when my Roku device used to have that option in the menu.

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