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Search Text List Workaround RoMote


Roku has recently changed the Search results to an image based aggregation rather than the text listing originally used.

Unless Roku releases an update that allows the user to choose between the two formats in the future, it seems we will have to rely on mobile apps if we prefer the old method of text listing for now.

[Results Displayed on Mobile Device in List Format]

The official Roku Remote app will display the text list on the mobile device which you can browse and then choose to watch/push the selected content to your television. This app is available in Play and Apple Store.

[Results Displayed on Television in List Format]

An alternative method if you have an Android mobile device is to install “RoMote”. RoMote is an older Open Source Roku Remote app developed by William Seeman. RoMote will allow the text list to be seen and scrolled through on the television and can use the Roku device like we previously have. Note: Private listening may/may not work, but volume controls do work if using on a RokuTV.


1. Install RoMote on your Android mobile device. (phone, tablet, etc)

2. Verify both mobile device and the Roku device are on same network and establish the connection between the two. (look under “Devices “tab).

3. Select the “Remote” tab.

4. Select the “Search” icon. (the magnifying glass on upper right). A little box will pop up. Touch the box and type in your Search term. (or a single letter/partial term, etc.) Press “Go” and the results will be displayed on the TV screen in a text list like previously. You can then use either the app or your physical remote to scroll/select.  Additional searches can be made in this format using either the app or the remote as well.

4a. Alternatively, you can also just select the Search icon (magnifying glass) and when the search box pops up on your mobile device, just press "Go".  This will result in the Search box appearing on your TV that you can search using your physical Roku remote. (Voice Search does not work with this method).

5. If you instead use the “Keyboard” icon in lower center rather than the magnifying glass, then you can use the newer format of Search with the image results rather than the list.


Preview of RoMote (Google Store Link) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wseemann.media.romote&gl=US

Source Code of RoMote on Github - https://github.com/wseemann/RoMote


Click on images to enlarge.

And_RoMote1.png And_RoMote2.png And_RoMote3.png  And_RoMote_Result.png


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