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Reel Rookie

Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support

I. On my roku TV there is a screensaver called 'Black' HD images. 

 I want that as my screensaver while because of the black. 

But in the upper right and it never goes away is a big white block that says "We stand with Ukraine join us! Scan QR to help:". Then there is a QR code.

So although I totally support Ukraine and can't imagine the terrible plight that its citizens are going through. However the reason I want a black screensaver is because it's black and has dark images I don't want a big white bright block in the upper right corner of it.

 And I do believe other screensavers have that as well.

Basically I don't want it there how do we get rid of it who can take it off.

 Thank you for your assistance.

! FellSwoop

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support


I see what you are talking about.  Does not look like a way to remove/disable it.  The developer of this channel has basically embedded an ad that directs you to helpukrainewin.org when you scan the QR.

If you really like this screensaver, you may have to tape something black over the white area until the developer removes it.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support

Thanks AvsGunnar for taking a look anyways.

 You idea would certainly work. Thank you. .. but then as soon as I want to watch something else I'd have to take it down again. 


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Re: Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support

I have the same issue. It’s very annoying i won’t buy thier product again on the future.

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Re: Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support

My whole screen Fills with a Ukrainian flag, and they start singing. It is so loud it wakes up my whole household. None of my other screensavers have sound. This one wakes everybody up. The first time It happened I thought someone was breaking in. I want this off my TV it will be fine if it had no sound, but it is so loud way louder than any movie that we have watched. Somebody help me disable this **bleep**.

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Retired Moderator

Re: Screen has white " QR code for Ukraine support


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? What are the steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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