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Reel Rookie

Screen Mirroring (Screen Plus) graphic, have audio though! No video!

I have used several screen mirroring apps with Roku oh, and one day , the Roku decided when screen mirroring came up from one of the apps that I used normally, the audio comes up, however there is a green graphic with three or four icons that looks like something from a computer and across the screen it says screen Plus! There is no way for me to get that graphic off. I get audio but I cannot get the screen off to view my video. What is going on here? I have deleted all of my screen mirroring apps and I have even reset the Roku back to factory and it is still doing the same thing! I have never had a problem screen mirroring until that day. Anybody have any thoughts? The screen that pops up is green graphic like a computer screen oh, it says "Sreen Plus" with three or four icons in the upper left corner. There is no way to get that screen off with the remote. I get audio but the screen just stays there. I have no idea why one day this is happening.16505199514886292821008377668197.jpg

This is a screen I get when I bring up any screen mirroring app regardless even the one built into the phone. I can't get rid of it! I have audio but the screen comes up all the sudden one day! Anybody have any ideas?

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Roku Guru

Re: Screen Mirroring (Screen Plus) graphic, have audio though! No video!


Are you using Miracast-based screen mirroring (Android/Windows) or AirPlay2-based screen mirroring (Apple) from your (brand+model unknown) phone?  Are you still trying to use an app (on phone and/or on Roku)?

Assuming you deleted all the mirroring apps from your Roku (model/firmware version unknown), it suggests your phone is sending the image - try mirroring from your phone to another device to verify this.  If so, delete any mirroring apps from your phone as well.

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