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Screen Mirroring Issue- can no longer connect Android Galaxy Note 8 to Roku Ultra after having conne

Technical question please. Enjoy your channel and appreciated this particular video. I have a nagging technical question and would appreciate any ideas. I'm a bit of a prude & our family subscribes : loves the VidAngel content editing streaming service. After enjoying it on a Roku for a couple of years, Roku blocked the streaming service a couple of months ago. So now we have to "mirror screen" from my Android Galaxy Note 9 through my Roku Ultra everytime we want to stream VidAngel's edited content. However, relying on mirror screens means every notification or phone call I receive interrupts our TV viewing through roku. I decided the best fix for that is to use my older Android Galaxy Note 8 phone (that is without phone and text service) as my designated full time mirror screen device. The problem is my Note 8 phone no longer recognizes my Roku Ultra device as an option for mirroring (even though it does recognize & lists my available Chromecast from our basement and the neighbors smart TV lol)

Does anyone know if somehow nine months of using my Galaxy Note 9 for mirror screening has somehow locked out the possibility of using any other phone including my older Note 8 for mirror screening?

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Re: Screen Mirroring Issue- can no longer connect Android Galaxy Note 8 to Roku Ultra after having c

Using your Note 9 didnt "lock out" your Note 8 or any other Miracast-enabled phone from being able to mirror to your Roku.

This assumes your Note 8 has SmartView and you are using it to mirror, and have updated to the latest firmware/software.

1) Verify the existence of any "Blocked" mirroring devices:  Settings/System/Screen mirroring/Screen mirroring devices/Always blocked devices = none - try again

2) Reboot/restart your Note 8 AND modem/router/gateway AND Ultra:  Settings/System/Power/System restart/Restart - try again

3) Switch your Ultra and/or Note 8 from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz (or vice versa) - NOTE:  This is only possible if you have band-separated SSIDs (different SSIDs for each band); if you dont, consider separating the SSIDs (best practice) - try again

4) Verify your Note 8 can see ANY other Miracast-capable device (another Roku, Fire TV, LG TV, etc) - NOTE: these must be Miracast-capable, not ChromeCast/GoogleCast-capable (such as a CC/TS4K/O4KSB/Shield/etc) - try again

5) Other things to try In your Note 8:  Remove any Ad Blocker, disable Edge Lighting, turn off Power Saving, Force stop & Restart the "Smart View" service,  Reset all settings, or even Factory Reset - try again


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