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Roku TV firmware update - Emby no longer displays "Continue Watching" or "Next Up" items

Back in January our Roku TV firmware was updated to version 9.4.0 build 4200-08. This brought with it a number of problems with features and performance when viewing antenna TV.

Another problem that update caused was extreme sluggishness in the Emby media player app. Emby experienced long delays (10 seconds or more) responding to the remote. Loading directories and bringing up videos took a very long time. All features worked but user interface responsiveness and loading times were terrible.

On April 8th we received another update. The OS still reports as version 9.4.0 but is now build 4210. The performance problems of the Emby app have been fixed. It is now very responsive and content loads quickly. However, the "Continue Watching" and "Next Up" sections of the home screen no longer work.

"Continue Watching" now displays what was there before the update, but additional partially-viewed videos are not added. "Next Up" is not displayed at all. (That would normally display the next episode of a series.) It's definitely the Roku Emby app since those features still work when connecting to Emby from a PC. The Emby server is the latest version,

Obviously it's nice that the Emby performance issues have been fixed, but anyone else notice these features no longer working?

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku TV firmware update - Emby no longer displays "Continue Watching" or "Next Up

Emby updated to 4.0.26 recently - and that behavior is a known issue:


You can also try getting access to their beta

Otherwise, you'll need to address these issues to Emby: 


Streaming Star

Re: Roku TV firmware update - Emby no longer displays "Continue Watching" or "Next Up

Thanks, that is the exact thing! Guess I can't blame Roku for this one. (I can blame them for the continuing issues with changing channels on broadcast TV.)

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