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Reel Rookie

Roku ultra randomly waking from sleep

So I just noticed that the light on my Roku ultra. It will be off and then just turn on for 15 to 40 minutes. Then turn back off again for a hour or so. It just keeps doing this all day. I have had this device for a few years. So I'm sure I would have noticed this behavior before.

Is this normal? Is the light turning on to indicate that the Roku is communicating with rokus's servers?

Or is something waking the Roku from sleep?

I just did full factory reset. Only apps installed are the preloaded apps. Most of them I deleted. Every possible service or function that could wake the roku is turned off. I even skipped paring the wifi remote at setup. Only infrared remote in use. Swapped the HDMI cable. Using the standard HDMI port on my t.v. Not one of the ports that do extra communications. 

Roku ultra4660x

software version 10.5.0



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