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Roku tricks. Program Guide help.

In a recent You Tube video Luke  said if you are using an antennna you can go to your settings on your Roku device and click Live TV. When you do you can use the arrow left key and it should bring up your local channels. This does not work for me.

Now I don't know if this is because I misunderstood the video or because of my unique set up. I have a VCR/DVR combo. The antenna coaxial cable has to go in to the DVR otherwise I can not get audio on it. Then a cable goes out to the television so I can pick up the antenna on my TV. I don't know if this is the reason Luke's trick doesn't work or if I am missing a step. Anyway just thought I'd let you know my experiance.


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Re: Roku tricks. Program Guide help.


By "Luke", am assuming you mean from Cord Cutters News.


Anyways, he was probably referring to a RokuTV. (This is a TV with a built-in, integrated Roku OS).  You can combine Antenna/OTA channels and Roku Channel Streaming channel into one guide.

A RokuTV is different than a TV with a Roku streaming device connected via HDMI.  In these setups, the LiveTV guide is limited to the Roku Channel Streaming channels currently.  Since these HDMI connected streaming devices do not have an antenna tuner inside of them, as opposed to a RokuTV, they cannot receive antenna/OTA signals.  In order to receive antenna/OTA channels, you will need to switch to the Antenna Input on your TV (using the TV remote, not the Roku remote).


Feel free to post back with your setup (verify if you have a RokuTV or a Roku device connected via HDMI and the model number from Settings/System/About).

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