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Roku telling us what we can and can;t watch

Pay for the device, but Roku tells us what we can and cannot watch. Took away adult content. Too bad, so sad, if you live outside continental U S, cant have many channels you would like. Wow, talk about living under a dictatorship. Guess it;s time to find an alternative. 

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Re: Roku telling us what we can and can;t watch


A streaming device like Roku is essentially a little computer that is designed for internet streaming.  It comes with certain limitations and a terms of service with its use of both its hardware and software.

For those that want to watch content outside of an approved region or stream porn 24/7, there are certainly other streaming devices which will allow this (if not explicitly, through allowing sideloading of apps or methods to accomplish this.)

Or you can simply take your laptop or a raspberry Pi, install whatever software and hardware you want to on it, and basically create your own streaming device and stream away without limitation.


With streaming, you are basically just trying to get desired content on a TV through the internet.  There are many ways to do this.  Can't expect a single device to accomodate every need of every individual, and certainly cannot expect Roku to allow its devices to be used as a vehicle to allow restricted content (however it is defined or determined). 

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