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Roku stick controlling blu-ray+surround by passing through a non cec/arc enabled tv

 I have an old 70in 1080p tv that has no arc or cec HDMI slots with a Roku stick+, and an old blu-ray + surround combo that does have cec and arc. For the past year or so I've had to use 2 remotes, one for the Roku + tv and one for just adjusting volume. About 2 months ago suddenly my Roku remote started controlling volume on my blu-ray surround combo. I thought somehow it was getting that cec/arc signal through my tv and a Roku update enabled this but after an update last night, I have lost that functionality. I tried to revert to the last update but nothing changed. I'm led to believe I was a quite a few updates. Anyone have an idea how I can restore this functionality?

And I saw the issues others were having with remotes losing control but I seemed to have the opposite issue during that time period. I gained functionality and the fixing update broke that it seems.

Edit: Realized I should add some setup details. Roku stick is connected directly to HDMI 1 on my tv. Optical audio out from tv to blu-ray surround because that's it's only input besides a single output/input HDMI. Blu-ray player connects to HDMI 2 from that slot.

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