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Roku just quit working no answer

Not sure this is the right location but…

My roku had been working fine for over a year, and now there is no light on the unit.   Tried manual reset with just the power plugged in. I get three quick white flashes then several longer flashes then unit goes blank.  Wi-Fi signal is strong and power outlet has proper current.  ??? Time for new Roku?   Thanks for any help 


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Re: Roku just quit working no answer


Basically, three avenues of troubleshooting to explore. (Power issue, Video issue, Device issue)

1. Power.  Try using another power adapter at the wall outlet and a new power cable. (generally, 5volt, 1amp cell phone charging adapter, and cell phone charging cable w/ micro USB on device end and USB-A(type) on other.)  Can also try leaving device unplugged for an extended bit and then try again.

2. Video. Use another HDMI cable or try using another HDMI port on TV.  If available, try using device on another TV.

3. Device.  Perform last resort Factory Reset.  Press and hold reset button 30+ seconds.


I would suspect that if the above does not resolve issue, then likely a failed device needing replacement.

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