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Roku devices and new languages "beta" support

I was wondering if Roku would be interested in adding "beta" support for new languages in their devices. I'm aware that mostly the reason of not adding more is too small customers target group, especially here in Europe. However, you can easily buy Roku in any EU country from amazon, I just bought Express 4K from German Amazon to be used in Poland. I would buy a few more for a family, but not all of them speak English. Here's the idea of beta, so not guaranteed support. I would even help to do it for free 🙂 My idea as a developer would be:

Under system preferences, I would add a tab named something like "Beta functionality" or "Experimental" (like Google names it), under which there would be a toggle "Enable additional beta languages".

Then you can language preferences and on the list you have e.g.:




Polish (beta)

Swedish (beta)


By default, every non translated text would be in English.



- Cheap implementation and can get more customers, build brand awareness in non-existent markets for future utilization.

- Little impact on current users as still this would be unofficial support in the beta state, hidden and aimed for more aware users.

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