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Reel Rookie

Roku computer display

Is there a Roku TV that meet the following requirements?;

Must support ATSC 3.0  (absolute must) future upgradable, 4K tv must support the following: 4K 60 fps resolution at 3840 x 2160 true 120-240 Hz refresh, Image quality must be computer grade and fast enough response for gaming. Additional options that would be nice would be picture in picture that can be shifted back-and-forth by the computer or the remote. Touchscreen capable for windows, Mac, and Linux. Support modern display connections, USB 3 & 4 and Thunderbolt 3 or better. 26 inch would be nice. SSD DRIVE bay so we can install our own SSD for doing system back ups and storage would be a plus and cost pennies to add. To be out rages adding 5 high speed SSD slots with raid 5 with encryption capability would be awesome.  I would pay an extra $50 or so for that add-on. We can supply the drives. I would pay $200-$300 for a quality monitor listed above. I know this is outside of your realm but new products can help you grow. If you build these and they're profitable I would love $10 bucks for everyone sold as compensation for my idea 


If not available could you please consider making us a Roku computer display with built-in speakers that meets the above specifications. You would take the computer display market by surprise especially if you are to offer more than one size. If anybody likes this idea please let  Roku now.