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Re: Roku TCL TV vs. Roku Ultra

Along with both my Roku TVs I also have three streaming sticks, and one Roku ultra. I own six broku devices

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Re: Roku TCL TV vs. Roku Ultra

Thanks for answering!

still enjoying my ultra!
and my friends with 4series, 5 series and 6 series TVs are all enjoying their TVs. 
who knows.  

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Re: Roku TCL TV vs. Roku Ultra

I have pretty much the opposite take on things.  I gave away my roku 3 because it wasn't updated with all the new features, whereas my 4k TCL TV did get new features in updates after I got it.   And, when things get very outdated and I have to spend more money I'd rather get a better picture from a newer TV than just a new dongle.

Re: Roku TCL TV vs. Roku Ultra

@lesmikesell  when I first cut the cord I bought nothing about Roku devices. Sticks and the Ultra. That was about 10 years ago. During those 10 years I bought new sticks and a new ultra. Then needing a new TV in my master bedroom I opted for a TCL Roku TV. Mainly for the simplicity. I only have 1 A/C plug. Less to hide. Plus I don’t need a regular TV because I’m strictly a cord cutter. I moved my 65 “ Samsung with the Ultra to my family room. I bought a TCL 65” Roku TV for my living room. I love all the devices I have. But in the future if I need anything I’ll buy animals TCL Roku TV. My 65” TCL also has the Roku Wireless speakers and subwoofer. I have my own movie theater

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