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Roku Stick Not Working After OS 11 Update

I updated a Roku Stick to the new OS 11 and after the update I can't open any apps. I have internet connection, however when I click on software update it can't connect, error 003. The channels can't run because they could not be reinstalled from the network. why is it doing this?  Roku Streaming Stick (3600 series) 

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Re: Roku Stick Not Working After OS 11 Update

I was having the same problem. I reverted my wallpaper back to the original wallpaper and mine started working again. Don’t know if that was the issue but once I did that it instantly started working again. Was getting the same error message you were getting. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Stick Not Working After OS 11 Update

I have a Streaming Stick+ which got OS11 update yesterday, and I found some idiosyncrasies afterward; specifically my remote was intermittently connecting. So I fired up Roku app on my phone and went to Settings-Remotes and forgot the remote, then forced a re-pairing of the remote, then everything seemed to go back to normal. Subsequently I found that to be the case on my Roku TV and another Roku Premiere box today.

Also I found one of my regular apps had to be de-installed / re-installed because my login for that service got munged up.  A couple annoying nits, but not too disturbing considering this is a full version release.

don't call me expert, just a long time Roku user that seen a lot of things
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