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Roku Premiere+ and PS Remote Play - A/V Stutter when TV Off


Samsung TV with One Connect

  • HDMI 1 - Splitter for Nintendo Switch and XBox One
  • HDMI 2 - Cable
  • HDMI 3 - Roku Premiere+
  • HDMI 4 - PS4 Pro (wired connection to router)

R7000 wifi router

Win10 PC using PS Remote Play (wifi connection to my Router)

Problem I get severe audio and video stuttering on PS Remote Play depending on whether my TV is on and Roku is powered.  I also get a significant screen freeze in Remote Play if the TV is turned off while Remote Play is running.

Something is inherently wrong with how Remote Play, the PS4 Pro, and its HDMI connection interact with Roku.

I've looked at all my TV HDMI settings, I've looked and tried all the related video settings on the PS4 Pro.

  • With TV off, results of specific HDMI configurations:
    • PS4 alone - no lag on Remote Play
    • PS4, Cable - no lag on Remote Play
    • PS4, Cable, Splitter - no lag on Remote Play
    • PS4, Roku - lag on Remote Play
    • PS4, Roku on a different HDMI cord - lag on Remote Play

The Roku can be plugged into any HDMI port and the issue is the same. If the Roku has power and is fully booted, the lag/stutter is there on Remote Play. I kept my TV off and cycled the Roku power, and like clockwork, Remote Play was fine until the Roku fully rebooted, then the lag popped back up.

This may be a byproduct of going through One Connect, or it may be specific to how the Roku operates with the TV off.  But I'm at my wits end on what to try.  There are no software updates for the Roku, and it shows last updated Dec 17.

Appreciate any suggestions on what to try next.  Things to consider:

  • How does Roku interact with HDMI and the TV when the TV is off?
  • How does Roku interact with the HDMI connection when the TV is on?
  • Are there any known issues with Roku standalone devices and Samsung One Connect?
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