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Reel Rookie

Roku OS Bug Report - Word filtering bug in Guest Mode "Welcome Message"

Guest Setup mode enabled on the TV.
When going under linked devices in https://my.roku.com/account. I see that guest mode is enabled. 
I want to customize the welcome message. So I click on the "Customize Welcome Message" at the far bottom right and try to type in. "Welcome to Lone Pine Cottages" It says Guest Greeting was not publish.
But when I try "Welcome to Apple Pine Cottages" it publishes.
Why is Roku limiting specific words typed in the welcome Message.
Then I tried "Welcome to LOne Pine Cottage" and it worked.
By tricking the system and using a ZERO for the o in the word Lone.
It seems Roku has left on some sort of extreamly restrictive filtering of the words that can't be used.
Roku does not like the word "Lone"....
Why? How can this be escalated to the Roku OS developmet team?
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