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Roku Media Player... Doesn't launch

I've just installed RMP and tried to run it ...after 5 minutes it's still just a slowly spinning grey wheel.

Is the app supposed to do anything? I am looking for a way to watch content from my DVR which exposes DLNA server, and it seemed this was the preferred option.

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Re: Roku Media Player... Doesn't launch

I've no idea what server version or how to find out, it's built into my TV recorder?

Restarting the app got into the user interface and it could see the DLNA server and let me navigate folders and play content.

All seemed great until I realised I cannot pause or in fact do anything during playback other than hit the back button. Which is somewhat limiting... But I don't know enough about DLNA or Roku to have any idea what the correct functionality should be and if problems are down to server or client. I'm assuming the obvious control buttons on the remote are supposed to work?

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Re: Roku Media Player... Doesn't launch

Thanks that makes sense. From trying a few other devices this would tie in with the suspicion issues are on the server side... In which case the Roku is working pretty well under those limitations.

One killer feature is the TV box exposes all live TV channels over DLNA and that works very well with Roku (to be clear it's not live TV I'm talking about playback issues on!)

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