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Roku Logo Rain screensaver showing - not working displaying selected screensaver

I recently  got the newest OS upgrade on my Roku Ultra and the only screensaver that works is the Logo rain one.  Regardless of which Theme I run its not the Aquatic Life screensaver. I've restarted the player many times since the issue arose.  Any help or ideas would be awesome.

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The selected screensaver isn’t working.

My roku tv is currently on the 10.5.0 version and the past couple of days, my selected screensaver isn’t working. It shows it’s still selected in my settings. I’ve always used the free sakura screensaver, but now it’s using the “logo rain” screensaver whenever I’m in the youtube app. I don’t know how it even got added to my saved screensavers. I’ve tried changing the screensaver, checking for updates, downloading new free screensavers, but it keeps defaulting to the logo rain whenever I’m not on the home screen, even though it’s not selected.

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Re: Aquatic Life screensaver not working since latest OS uprade


Try restoring your Theme back to default, then restarting the Roku.  Then re-enable the aquatic screensaver.  Then apply the Wallpaper and Sounds or Theme you want.

1. Restore Default Theme --> Settings..Theme..Restore Default Theme

2. Restart Roku --> Settings..System..System Restart or Settings..System..Power..System Restart

3. Install Screensaver --> Settings..Theme..Screensavers..Enable Aquatic Life

4. Verify Screensaver Wait Time --> Settings..Theme..Screensaver Wait Time.. (use 1 min for testing) Return to Home Screen and just wait for a min and see if Screensaver comes on.

5. Apply Wallpaper, Sounds, or another Theme Pack as necessary and adjust your desired Screensaver Wait Time --> Settings..Theme

Post back with an update or still having issues.  Include your Roku Ultra model number as I just ran this procedure on an Ultra 4660 w/ 10.5 4201-46 and didn't encounter any issues.

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Re: The selected screensaver isn’t working.

You should always get your selected screen saver when on the Roku home screen, or any of its menu pages.

I've noticed that some channels don't observe your selected choice for screen saver, however.

I have some that use my choice, I have some that insert their own screen saver, I have some that use the system default "raining purple Rokus" screen saver, and some that just put up a blank screen.

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aquarium screen saver won't activate 10.5.0 4201-50, only screensaver that displays is roku default

since the latest update, I cannot get any screensaver on any of my 4 TVs, each with its own Roku stick. The only screensaver that displays is the Roku screensaver on all the TVs. Tried the aquarium and others and there seems to be no way to 'set' the screensaver. The only button that will work after the selection is the 'home' button.

Re: Aquatic Life screensaver not working since latest OS uprade

The procedure above didn’t work.  I restored the default theme, restarted, then added the screensaver I wanted.   I can only every get the Roku logo rain screensaver.   What the heck?

Re: Aquatic Life screensaver not working since latest OS uprade

I just realized.   As someone said above, the problem is channel specific.   I’ve been watching Amazon while testing.  That site always uses the logo rain for a screensaver. When I’m at a Roku system screen then it uses the screensaver I’ve chosen.   That seems weird.