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Roku HDMI 2.0b, does it support VRR or QMS (Quick Media Switching)?

Hi! I have a Roku 4800R (similar to 4802R aside from the remote).

Does this model support VRR or QMS (Quick Media Switching)? From an article I read a few years ago, Roku reps stated their HDMI 2.0b supports many features from HDMI 2.1; just not all of them (like 4K 120Hz), and more could be added in later software updates. As far as I've seen, zero updates have been added :(.

I'm wondering if QMS is a possibility.

I have my Roku setup to change refresh rates based on the media I'm watching. Doing so takes a few seconds for my TV and receiver to catch up, and I often miss the beginning of most shows because of it. It's also really annoying in the Amazon Prime and YouTube apps because trailers and previews will play at the correct refresh rate leading to my TV flashing black while I'm in the menu if I'm too slow to scroll around.

With QMS, it uses VRR under-the-hood to instantly switch refresh rates without blanking the TV. This is great for games, but specifically ideal for a Roku device where streaming media could be at any refresh rate, not just 24fps.

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