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Reel Rookie

Roku HD player not restarting after update

Yesterday I updated my HD player model 3932x and when it went to restart the TV screen just went to “no signal” and the Roku player didn’t do anything...no restart, no lights on the player at all. I left it that way for some time and just nothing happened. This morning I tried using the reset indentation on the back of the unit. I held it for several seconds plugged in and not plugged in and nothing. How do I fix this? If I knew the update was going to cause my unit to malfunction I wouldn’t have done it at all. The units serial number is X00400M116F6. This is much used unit and there is much sadness without its function 😕


thank you

shannon 😁

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku HD player not restarting after update

I can't find the specs on the 3932, so I'm assuming it's basically an Express+ 3931. Roku does that sometimes with models for a specific reseller. 

You wouldn't have been able to stop the update, as it would have happened automatically overnight if you hadn't done a manual update. Now, why has the screen display gone screwy on you? No way of knowing for sure, but let's see if we can get you working again. 

First, do you see the Roku dancing logo when it's first powered up? Do you have a different TV you can connect it to and see if it works on that set? Can you try it in a different HDMI port in your TV? Do you have a different HDMI cable you can try?

If you want to attempt a factory reset, you must hold the recessed button for a minimum of 30 seconds, regardless of what you see on the screen. 29 seconds isn't long enough. 


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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku HD player not restarting after update

I plugged it into a different outlet in a different room and then the light came back on! I don’t know why but it fired back up. So I went and hooked it back up to its usual TV and it’s working now. That makes no logical sense but I don’t care as long as it is now working. But yes I tried all the things you suggested earlier and several times and I got nothing...just dead. So who knows but it’s working fine now. I was so happy to see the light come on when I plugged it in. 😃🧐🤔👍🏻

Thank You

Shannon 😁

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