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Roku Guru

Roku Fish Tank Screensaver Issues

I have been noticing problems with fish tank.

1. fishes glitching.  not like a normal swimming fish, but full on Max Headroom. ok, maybe not that severe but you get the picture.

2. fishes swimming through solid objects.

3. fishes swimming through other fishes.

I have not been using Roku much recently because of the problems with the Roku Media Player.  earlier in the year at the start of the pandemic I had a lot of time to spend listening to music and audio files and watch the fish.  I did not notice these issues back then.  I stopped when the RMP got an "upgrade" and was no longer usable.

I come back to use RMP when there is an update in the hopes that I can have music and the fish tank back.  so far no suck luck.

I will note some places where fishes swim through solid objects.  it doesn't happen every time, but it won't take long to see it happen.  the other two issues happen less frequently and are harder to describe a location.

1. the flower coral to the left above the fish cave

2. the brown coral with the black hole to the right of the fish cave

3 the orange brain(?) coral just below the pink ball coral or plant. usually on the left side.

4. the coral below the bubble stream

5. the pink flat coral behind the bubble stream, the lowest section

6. the green coral on the rock to the left of the fish cave. fish swims through the left section over the rock.

7. the gray coral directly above the fish in the fish cave

8. the opening and closing "blue" clam below the Roku glass

and I have to note, as I am typing this RMC has once again stopped playing music files. 


Re: Roku Fish Tank Screensaver Issues

I haven't experienced the issues you posted but I can divert a fish path by simply touching the TV screen, moving my finger around it. The fish bounces back and forth, up and down, until it can get away from me... or my finger. The latter has not happened ever until I started playing around with them. But only then... The eel in the cave also reacts to my finger by opening its mouth wider than usual. Whether the fish are real or mechanical, how can they react to my fingers touching the screen? They really want to swim away from my disturbing actions. If they can see my finger, and how so, who else can see me? I do love the free spectacle, relaxing and colorful; great when I do not have the time to watch TV but it is a pretty thing to have in front of me. Thanks, Roku!


Re: Roku Fish Tank Screensaver Issues

Dude!!! The wife thinks I am crazy. I started thinking I was crazy. Thank you.


Re: Roku Fish Tank Screensaver Issues

I think these glitches make it more interesting to watch. First time I saw a fish swim through an object it was a real head trip. I've noticed that it usually happens when the fish is turning to avoid the object but can't turn sharp enough. 

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Re: Roku Fish Tank Screensaver Issues

Has anyone else noticed that the pink ball coral doesn't have the water waves/shadows on it that everything else has? It drives me insane.