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Roku 3810X Incompatible with Macbook Air M2

My Roku 3810X running software v. 11.0.0 build 4193-50 is freezing whenever I try to airplay from my new Macbook Air M2 running OSX 12.5.1.

My older late 2013 Macbook Pro running OSX 11.6.7 works smoothly every time.

I've tried every step seen on other posts to solve this. I've restarted all devices, disabled/re-enabled wifi on the apple devices, reset the paired devices, setup homekit/airplay, disconnected and connected all devices, switched from 2 to 5g and vice versa. I've tried mirroring, extended display and every resolution option available. Sometimes it freezes instantly and other times it takes 1-10 minutes to freeze. Sound continues to play but the image is frozen. It feels like resolution incompatibility is leading to freezes but no solution I've tried has worked. 

Please help.

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Re: Roku 3810X Incompatible with Macbook Air M2

Exact same problem here with MacBook Air M2 and Roku 4660X Ultra.  Want to AirPlay via Roku.  Works with Apple TV A1625 32GB, but prefer Roku AirPlay interface.  Please advise.

Re: Roku 3810X Incompatible with Macbook Air M2

Same here, Intel macbook pro and other ipads/iphones airplay as they should, but the M2 Air video will freeze on the TV screen within a minute of starting airplay. The audio is unaffected.

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Re: Roku 3810X Incompatible with Macbook Air M2

Same issue. Freezes on the first pane.

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