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Reel Rookie

Returning the Roku stick through DHL back to Amazon/Roku England



It is with sadness to return the stick. It has been 2 months without assistance sending email without response but I managed to contain my frustrations so I decided to go with a more familiar brand which is known better Amazon Fire Stick, this one as an SA citizen I know I will have all the channels that I keep paying for and I wont receive a message like "this app is not supported in your area". Another issue was my device never had a search option so if the channel I am looking for was no: 759 I would have to scroll right through all to access it and also I could watch chanells I have subcribed for only using my tablet :(.


Thanks Roku Comms for ur assistance in my first post and please let me be the first one to be informed with Roku decided to support South Africa.IMG_20220901_110849.jpg


Kind Regrads


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