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Random Phantom? Button Pressing on TLC Roku Latest Update

My TLC 32” Roku, Software was updated last on October something but checked yesterday for an update. My tv keep having this issue where it will randomly press buttons and exit me out of shows or go into other apps or get me out of the settings i’m on. I’m not sure why. It only happens sometimes but it’s really annoying when i’m trying to watch something 

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Re: Random Phantom? Button Pressing on TLC Roku Latest Update


Roku TVs come with an IR remote. If the batteries are weak, stray signals can emit and cause unexpected behavior. Additionally, other IR signals from other IR-controlled devices could use a code set that overlaps the TV manufacturer (TCL in your case) uses.

Test to see if it's the remote. Download the Roku app from the appropriate app store and configure it to control your TCL Roku TV. Once that's done (it's quick and easy) remove the batteries from your Roku TV remote, and use the app. Does the issue continue? If not, it's the remote. Either the batteries are weak, or the remote is sending stray signals for some reason. Blowing out the remote with air (the cans you use to blow out your computer keyboard, for instance) may clear out dust or dirt that could be causing the contacts to emit stray signals.

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