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Reel Rookie

ROKU Ultra 4800R and 2001 LG C1 OLED TV

Are these two compatible?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: ROKU Ultra 4800R and 2001 LG C1 OLED TV

There weren't any OLED displays in 2001 that I am aware of, so that might be a typo. I have heard of many people using the 4800 on OLED displays without an issue. My LG is not OLED, but my 4800 looks great on it.

With the C1, the 4800 will provide Dolby Vision and standard HDR. I believe it will also pass HLG, which is another version of high dynamic color. I know I've seen HLG on mine, but I can't recall if it was while using the 4800 or the Nvidia Shield. 

If you decide to try the 4800, remember to go into the settings after you've completed the initial setup and disable HDR Always On. If you don't, it will trigger your TV into Dolby Vision mode all the time. This will result in inaccurate colors on non-DV material. I've watched DV material on HBO Max, Disney+, Vudu, and a couple of others. Even on my non-OLED display it looks great with the Roku. 

If you're running the 4800 through an AVR (I imagine with that display you are), make sure you change the audio output to auto-passthrough, or the 4800 will convert everything to Dolby Digital.


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: ROKU Ultra 4800R and 2021 LG C1 OLED TV

Typo!  Should have been 2021.

Thank you Dan.

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Roku Guru

Re: ROKU Ultra 4800R and 2001 LG C1 OLED TV


Both the 4800 and C1 support DV, HDR10, and HLG so you are covered as far as HDR formats go.

In addition to everything @atc98092 suggests, make sure you enable Ultra HDMI Deep Color on the C1's HDMI input the 4800 is connected to avoid output limitations/issues.


Couldn't have been your Shield outputting HLG, it completely lacks HLG support.

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