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ROKU Express overheat too often


I am a ROKU user and I would like to share some of my experiences and comments. Some good and some bad.

My first device was bought in 2014 so some 7 years ago. It was the box model with USB port and with the remote which includes connection for earphone. I liked it and bought a second one for another house and also a stick for travel. All worked well and I still have one of the box and the stick working. Unfortunately the one in my main home does not work anymore. It is OK after so many years.

So I bought the new one called Express with my eyes closed confident that it would work the same as my previous one. Unfortunately it is not so. It is quite unreliable compared with the previous generation. First it does not have USB port and the remote does not have earphone jack. Also the remote is infrared i.e. unidirectional vs. previous model which could be pointed anywhere. But the main point is that it does not dissipate heat properly and therefore shuts down and send a signal on the TV screen that says you have to disconnect everything, power and HDMI and reconnect! Very inconvenient as this comes quite often. Anyway as indicated I powered it from the TV USB port. Of course each times the TV is turn ON / OFF so is the ROKU. Electronics do not like to be turned on / off too much (transient currents). So after a week it went KAPUT! I returned it. I bought a new one, the same and this time plugged it to the power bar via the USB cable and adapter. Results that it is ON all the time day and night and become quite hot and generates the signal previously, mentioned (I am not going to crawl to the power bar and disconnect each day!). Why no to put an ON command on the remote like most devices! DVD for instance. This would solve the problem in my opinion. Granted the price is lower than the previous one but consumer like a reliable product which this one is not anymore.

If you have some thought about this matter I would appreciate earring about it.



Roku Guru

Re: ROKU Express overheat too often

First, based upon your past preferences/needs you bought the wrong model - if you wanted USB you needed to get the Ultra (which has a point anywhere remote with headphones jack), or if you wanted the cheapest model with a point anywhere remote w/jack, the Express 4K+

Second, if you know devices dont like to be turned on/off so much, and that plugging it into the TV's USB port is bad because of "on/off", then why are you asking for a model with an on/off switch/capability?

It wasnt just your eyes that were closed when you made your purchase, or your post.



Re: ROKU Express overheat too often

My Stick also heats up all the time, even though I plugged it in far away from any heat source. Their stick is JUST NOT GOOD. And you can't get any support. Roku sucks. I think I'll go back to Apple TV, MUCH BETER streamer

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