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Question about Dolby Vision Feature on Roku Ultra

I just purchased a New Roku Ultra.  Its SKU# is 4800R.  I am assuming that this is the 2020 Roku Ultra model.  I bought this to replace my 2019 model Roku Ultra after it went bad.  I am aware that the major difference between my new Roku Ultra and my previous Roku Ultra is that the newer version has both Dolby Vision and HDR whereas the older version had just HDR.  While testing the newer Roku Ultra, I noticed the Dolby Vision logo appearing in the Roku's main menu screen, while streaming a backlog of Olympic sport recordings in my YouTube TV DVR library, and watching some videos on YouTube.  Would I be correct in assuming that the reason why the Dolby Vision logo appears in some of the videos that I am currently watching and possibly on other services that I watch in the future such as Disney Plus and HBO Max is because those videos have Dolby Vision encoded in them and my Roku Ultra is letting me know it is displaying the videos in Dolby Vision mode, or is there possibly something wrong with my Roku Ultra?  This is new to me because I have never streamed with Dolby Vision before and I thought I would just ask.


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