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Projecting Kindle or Libby App to 2021 Roku

I need to purchase a new 2021 Roku so that I can project either my Kindle or Libby app for reading books from my Android smartphone to a Roku. Reading from a smartphone causes me neck strain after an hour. Will screen mirroring, which can be activated in Settings, in a new 2021 Roku allow this to happen? If so, which Roku models might solve my problem? My present Roku 3710X - Roku Express+ does not have any screen mirroring capability.

If the Kindle or Libby book apps will not work with a new Roku, perhaps you could recommend another book reading app for my Android smartphone?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Roku Guru

Re: Projecting Kindle or Libby App to 2021 Roku

All currently available models supports screen mirroring, both Miracast-based and AirPlay2-based and are enabled by default.

I recommend the $30 Express 4K+ due to its dual-band WiFi, USB ethernet option, Voice Remote, and 4K/HDR capability.

I cant advise you on any book apps, perhaps other can.

Be aware that if you are using your 3710 Express+ with composite output (not recommended for screen reading), no current has composite support, so you'd need an HDMI>Composite adapter/converter .

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