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Please create an automatic power down mode

Good day Ruku 


Could you please look at ruku streaming to enable an automatic inactivity power down mode? I understand the idea of instant access but this feature wears down tv’s and interferes with sleep for us who fall asleep to a tv. All my tv’s are ruku but I’m considering switching them out for ones that automatically shut off. As for setting a timer, I’m not required to do that with other brands and truly likely to forget often.. another issue is I’m running the roku stick from a tv that has no remote and the roku remote can only control power and volume. I have no access to a timer. 

Roku Guru

Re: Please create an automatic power down mode


Your post is a bit confused/confusing - first you say all your TVs are Roku TVs, then you say you arent "required to with other brands" heavily suggesting you DO have other non-Roku TVs, then you say you just have one Roku stick connected to a (non-Roku?) TV.

So, which is it?   Do you have only Roku TVs?  Do you have other non-Roku TVs? Or do you have one Roku player (stick) connected to a non-Roku TV?

Different TV's have different settings involving inactivity/timeout/auto-shutoff, and almost always have to be configured (auto-shutoff usually isnt the default setting).

Regardless, if your TV (Roku or non) has shutoff timers, its usually pretty simple to enable them once, then forget about it (and just let them work). 

Its not clear why you refuse to set the TV's inactivity timer(s) one time which would accomplish the very result you want, but thats going to be what you need/have to do to accomplish that.

Otherwise, by default Roku's have a "Bandwidth Saver" feature/setting (Settings/Network/Bandwidth saver) which is enabled by default, and stops streaming after 4 hours of inactivity.

Furthermore, newer models released in the last 2 years also have a "Power Savings" feature/setting (Settings/System/Power/Auto power savings) which is enabled by default, and puts the device into a very lower power state after 20 minutes of inactivity.

But ultimately if you want the TV to auto-shutoff, thats a TV setting, and you are going to need to use the TV (or universal) remote to configure that setting.

If you lost the TV remote you can get very cheap universal/programmable remotes at Walmart/Amazon/etc for $5-15 that would allow you to configure the TV's timer settings:


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Re: Please create an automatic power down mode

Roku devices, I don't know about Roku tv's, used to ALL have auto-shutoff/sleep function after 4 hours of inactivity; they used to have screensaver options/choices as well, and I believe it was in there. Now we have to watch some terrible add-riddled "screen saver" instead of the clock that had been available for at least 8 years. And it won't send a shut-off signal to your tv/monitor anymore, which is even worse.

Why they removed these, I have no idea (more fake viewer hours in apps?).

I need the 4-hour-inactive function back.

It used to ask "are you still there" after a set amount of time with zero input, and it would then send an energy-star compliant shut-off signal to the tv.



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Re: Please create an automatic power down mode

What version of Roku OS are you on?  I still have the bandwidth saver (settings -> network -> bandwidth saver).  I am also using the Roku digital clock screen saver.  This has never been the default screen saver – always something you had to choose.  It does seem that my screen saver got set back to the default one at some point.  I only noticed that just now, since I usually don’t leave it sitting long enough to see a screen saver. But I set it back to my preferred Roku digital clock screen saver and all is well again.

I don't use any HDMI-CEC stuff myself, so can't comment on that, other than to say that people do seem to have varying performance/interoperability results with it.

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