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Parental control on app for Home Screen

Is it possible to get some kind of parental control to keep the kids out of certain apps just from the Home Screen? 
just a lock of some sort so I can watch stuff on my apps that we do not want our kids watching or abusing? Or does this feature already exist?

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Parental control on app for Home Screen


Roku has no system-wide parental controls. The controls on the Roku Pin Preference page is for Roku Channel content only, but does not apply nor is recognized by other apps. Each app can contain its own controls.

To request such a feature, you may wish to submit on the Suggest a Feature page.

If you want a Roku device with one set of apps that is different from another Roku device -- if the app isn't there it can't be launched -- then you could set the kids Roku up with a different Roku account. Or, alternately, set yours up with a different Roku account and leave the kids' as is.

You would want to ensure there is a PIN set up for the kids' Roku so they can't add apps or purchase content.

Any subscriptions via Roku Pay (subscribing via the Roku device) or in Roku Channel would not be usable on each device, but only on the purchasing device. That means you would subscribe directly to the service if you wanted your Roku and kids' Roku to share the subscription.

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