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On screen navigation not working

I just bought a Roku express 4K not even a month ago, and it was working just fine until today. Now whenever I try to use the remote and move the highlighted area to watch some thing, it won’t stop moving. I tried unplugging the Roku and plugging it back in.  I even reset the Roku and it’s still doing the same thing. Now I can’t even set up the Roku after resetting it. I am loss at what to do and this machine is new and so is the remote. Please help!!


Re: On screen navigation not working

So I restarted my router to see if that was the problem. But that didn’t solve the problem. I was able to set up the Roku after resetting it, but only but standing really close to the Roku with the remote. I changed the batteries in the remote. That’s not the problem either. Now it’s flipping through the apps on the home screen like it’s possessed. I feel like I wasted money. And if anyone wants to know, the Roku has a blinking blue light that blinks twice every other second. 

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Re: On screen navigation not working


You may just have a bad remote. (give it a slight whack in your hand or make sure a button is not stuck)

Try removing the batteries completely from the remote (in order to disable it) and then try using the official mobile Roku Remote App. (available in Play Store or Apple Store).  If the Roku behaves normally after using the mobile Remote App, then culprit is the remote. 

Regarding the blinking blue light, I have noticed my Express4k+ does blink alot more than my other Roku devices when using the remote to navigate (the other units dim a bit in response to remote press, while the Express4k+ seems to actually blink and flash.)

If you purchased in a store or online, I would return unit and swap for another if you determine the remote is the issue.  If you ordered online from Roku directly, perhaps @RokuDanny-R or @RokuKariza-D can help you with remote replacement.

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