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Old Roku can’t connect after factory reset

I have an old Roku HD-XR (N1101) from 2009. After factory reset I can no longer get through the set up, because I can not connect to the Roku server (error 011). I called Roku support and they said my firmware/update is to old for the server to verify my account. Unfortunately they do not have access to the update needed for my device to work. They suggested reaching out to the community to see if someone has the latest update I could flash to my device. I’d really love to get this device working because it has native s-video for my crt. Please can anyone assist in getting my HD-XR connected?

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Re: Old Roku can’t connect after factory reset

Hi @Norefills

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

We appreciate you taking the time and finding ways to work for your Roku HD|XR. Can your Roku device still be able to detect a wireless network? For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting this Roku device to an alternate wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you are able to connect?

If still no luck, the device may be out of its way. The device you are using can no longer support the most recent features. This means this device will no longer get new features or streaming channels, updates to existing channels, or other software-related updates.

If you haven't already upgraded your device, you should have received an email with offers to purchase a new player at a discounted price. You can also access this offer by signing into your Roku account and visiting the following website: Roku Offers.

Keep us posted on how it goes. 


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Re: Old Roku can’t connect after factory reset

I need this model to work because it’s the last roku that supports s-video for my crt tv

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Re: Old Roku can’t connect after factory reset


Unfortunately, when you factory reset a legacy device (a Roku device that is no longer supported), it is generally unable to be updated and made working again.

If you really need to use the old CRT television, then you can always purchase a newer Roku device (HDMI), and then purchase a HDMI to S-Video "converter".  Generally, these converters will include the RCA connections as well as S-Video.

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