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Reel Rookie

[OS 10.5] UK Express 4k 3940x 60hz default changed to 50hz

After a recent update (10.5?) our Express 4k now defaults to a 50hz refresh rate on the menus and, I assume, the apps if they don't try to set their own refresh rate. Prior to the update the default refresh rate was 60hz and everything seemed ok.

The big problem I'm having now is Netflix (and I think Disney+) content meant for a 60hz screen. Watching 60hz video on a 50hz display is painful - there's a regular skip in motion to compensate for the mismatch. Horizontal movement seems to be more noticeable but watch closely and it is always there.

Is there any way for me to roll my Express 4k back to the previous OS version? Or force it to 60hz?

BTW fiddling with the display types makes no difference. Auto discover reports that the TV can certainly do 4k@60hz...it just doesn't use it.

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Reel Rookie

Re: [OS 10.5] UK Express 4k 3940x 60hz default changed to 50hz

I did a factory reset to see if that would make a difference. 60hz is back! I also got another OS update (10.5.1 build 4059CR). I suspect my factory reset coincided with a new OS fix being pushed? Anyway, bit of a faff to sign into lots of apps again but glad it is sorted.

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