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Re: No volume control after 10.0.0 update

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@masoncon wrote:

Model RC339

That's unexpected. I gathered from what you were saying that you have a Roku device attached to a TV. Is that not the case? Is it a Roku TV (TCL, Hisense, etc)? Or is it a Roku device attached to a TV?

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Re: No volume control after 10.0.0 update

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It's a device attached to the TV, I can turn the TV off with the remote but I cannot turn it on and the volume does not work.  Is there a patch or work around for it or not?????

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Re: No volume control after 10.0.0 update

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for the posts regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Please be aware that we are still investigating the root cause for why this happened.

In the meantime, please set your Roku Remote again for TV controls. Navigate to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remotes > [select your remote] > Set up remote for TV controlFor more information about this setup process, visit our FAQ here: https://support.roku.com/article/115013019828.

If you are still experiencing an issue, please see this thread for more information: https://community.roku.com/t5/Remotes-Accessories/Did-your-Roku-remote-lose-volume-and-TV-control-af...

To avoid further confusion on this thread, we will be closing this thread out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator