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No audio when "Auto (DD+, DTS-HD)" is selected

I'm streaming on a Roku Stick 4K into a Polk Magnifi 2 into a Samsung Smart TV's eARC port.

When my Audio Mode is selected to "Auto (DD+, DTS-HD)" no sound is emitted when streaming on certain apps (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, etc). The clicks from moving from show to show can be heard, and even Netflix's automatic preview when landing on a show plays audio, but once I start streaming the sound disappears. 

I have two choices that solve this for right now.

One, if the app allows it (Netflix does but Disney+ doesn't, for example), I can select the audio options within the episode or movie I'm streaming and move from the automatic "English [Original] (5.1)" to "English [Original]" but I have no desire to do that every time.

Two, I can move the Audio Mode option from "Auto (DD+, DTS-HD)" to "Stereo" and then (at least in Netflix) it defaults to "English [Original]."

More than anything, I'm curious, trying to pinpoint why this is happening. The soundbar supports Dolby and DTS, so the 5.1 shouldn't be preventing audio from emitting. Does this mean there's some sort of decoding problem with my Roku Stick? Or is it the soundbar itself? I used to have this Stick plugged into a home theater receiver with no issues. Any help is appreciated. 

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