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No Multiview or Channel Preview on Roku

Why no multiview channel support on Roku.  FuboTV just came out with multiview on AppleTV.  YouTubeTV offers a thumbnail channel preview from their guide on AppleTV. 

- Is there a limitation to what Roku can do with handling multiple video streams?

- Do the Apps (FuboTV, YTTV) need to be motivated/assisted to implement on Roku?

I ask, as these features make me look at AppleTV as a replacement for Roku.

Would love to know.

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Re: No Multiview or Channel Preview on Roku

Rokus can only play one video at a time, so any multiview would have to be assembled on the server and then presented to the Roku as one video stream.

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Re: No Multiview or Channel Preview on Roku

I have two Samsung Smart series 800 and 700 TV's with Multiview and I can use my Roku devices with both of them. One Roku is an Ultra and the other is a Streaming Stick+. It is admittedly a very tricky process but doable. In my case I have the Spectrum wireless app on each TV. One channel has to be set to the Roku while the other channel set to an application of your choice, I use Spectrum, using an alternate input. The applications apparently play on a connection different than the Roku and are preloaded in the TV and auto updated by the TV. It has to be connected just right or you can't easily designate where the sound is played. On the older TV I can't change the picture size. I am still working on that. Although I use Spectrum wireless, as you know, I can still use a lan line to make a wireless connection. I have a lan line connected to only one TV. I have only one connection made in the older TV but I can still use Multiview. I can set both TV's to watch different Spectrum channels at the same time but it is difficult to change the sound designation when I do that. I can send a video if you like:-) I believe there is a way to use PIP too but haven't tried it yet.

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