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New Roku ads in lower left corner - Hate it!

This week Roku started putting ads in the lower left corner of my Home Page, just below the Menu List (I'm not talking about the big ads that show up to the right of the channels).  The ads are specifically for Roku products and totally ruin the effect of the wallpaper.  They do NOT motivate me to buy anything from Roku, but they are incredibly annoying.  The ad offer would be bad enough, but it also has a "Press Play" video built in, which takes up even more room.  

I've tried switching wallpapers (and avoiding the main default wallpapers), but it's no help.  Selecting the ad doesn't help either, there is no option to decline an ad, just offers to buy now or email the ad to myself. Restarting the system doesn't help either.  Neither does resetting the advertising ID.

 I wouldn't mind so much if there was a way to acknowledge that I saw the offer, decline it, and then they immediately removed the ad and video.  If they even did that quarterly (meaning 4 times per year, not continually), I'd be fine with it.

Hey Roku, nobody likes constant nagging!  Please STOP ruining my wallpaper with your obnoxious ad offers!!!

Anyone else hate these new Roku product ads?  Feel free to chime in.

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Re: New Roku ads in lower left corner - Hate it!

If you go to settings and scroll down to homepage, one the things you can turn off is offers, see if that makes the ad go away?

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Re: New Roku ads in lower left corner - Hate it!

They did stop putting the ad there, but they stopped before I saw this reply.

Thank you so much for the advice. I didn't know about that option. 

I selected "Hide" for everything except "Movie Store and TV Store"; that one lets me select "Hide", but moves the check mark back to "Show" as soon as I scroll away (unlike "My Offers", "Featured Free", and "Explore").  

However, as soon as I changed the settings to hide offers, an ad for the Roku Store was right back in that lower left corner! Smiley Mad So, that backfired.  Maybe these ads are part of the "Movie and TV Store" advertising, which refuses to save my "Hide" selection.

I did manage to find a couple wallpapers that don't have the ads.  I'm not naming them here simply because I don't want Roku notice which ones they are.  Sad though, because I can't enjoy my favorite holiday wallpaper. Rotten, greedy killjoys. Smiley Frustrated

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