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New Roku Player with a Roku TV?

If I have an older Roku TV, can I get a new Roku player to have a faster connection? I know when people talk about getting new WiFi routers that the equipment is only as fast as what will be connected to it. I have 1GB Fiber Optic Internet with a Deco Tri-Band WiFi 5 router. Everything works fine at this point but I know my Roku Smart TV's are getting older and the new Roku Players have faster processors. I didn't know if you could connect a NEW Roku Streaming Player to a Roku Smart TV.  Just wanted to see what my options might be if the TV's start running slow or not connecting.

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Re: New Roku Player with a Roku TV?

Sure you can attach another roku to your roku tv, you can even set the roku tv to tune to hdmi the new roku is using skipping the roku tv home screen for the newer roku home screen. Of course the stand alone roku won't have input tiles on the home screen like the roku tv does. You should be able to switch from one roku to other be just pressing the home key on the remote for which you want to control, pressing home on the other remote should switch you back. I would make sure each roku is set to a different theme, and turn off the seasonal themes in the settings menu of each roku. 

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