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Need to connect to different Roku device

I purchased a private Roku channel in my email, which is connected to a different device, which I no longer have. I took that device off and thought I could add my device, but my husband has his email connected to that device, so we can’t get the channel that I paid for because we also are unable to add my email to that device, which carries that purchased channel. I tried to add the device and don’t know how to retrieve code for that. ?? Please help if there is a way. @4-DEVICEs-Jake Thanks!🥴

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Re: Need to connect to different Roku device


Not quite sure I'm following, so let me know if this is what's going on, or if I'm not fully understanding.

You have a Roku account. Your husband has a Roku account.

You had a Roku device tied to your husband's Roku account. On your husband's device, you purchased and installed an uncertified app (Private Channel).

You no longer have that Roku device.

Your husband is unable to access his Roku account, or for other reasons, you don't want to use that Roku account on your Roku devices. The net result is you are wanting to use your Roku account, not his, on your Roku devices.

Is that pretty much it?

If so, then no, you will very likely not be able to use that purchased app on your Roku account. It was purchased for the other Roku account, and remains with that Roku account. If you want it on a different Roku account, you'll need to purchase it for that different Roku account.

If my understanding is incorrect or incomplete insofar as something that may impact my statement of the situation, let me know, and perhaps there could be some other option. But nothing changes the fact of purchasing for one Roku account is only for that one Roku account.

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