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My roku has a mind if its own!

I Recently bought my mom a TCL roku TV. She's been having an issue where her TV turns on/off by itself. Changes channels, turns volume all the way up. Goes crazy! I have a regular smart TV w roku Express. Never had any problems until today. Now mine is doing the same thing. It will not let me do anything! I've unplugged everything numerous times. Took the batteries out, replaced them. There is no reset button on my remote like websites suggest. I'm so irritated. Had anyone else had this problem. I need help lol!

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Re: My roku has a mind if its own!

The Roku Express came with an IR remote. There's no need for a pairing button because it doesn't have the stuff inside to pair. It's a simple remote that transmits an IR signal. It will control any roku box, just not a Roku Stick.

As for the weird behavior, does it stop if you take the batteries out?

Any Roku-compatible IR signal will perform all of those actions. If a source in line of sight (or that bounced the IR beam properly) was around, it could cause those things. Of course, so could a remote if there were issues with it.

The most common issue is a dirty remote. Dust can build up. Kids with food or dirt on their hands can contribute to the problem with buttons. Are you able to rule out a dirty remote?

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